Monday, May 31, 2010

I can't believe another week has gone by. I ended up in overtime at work, something that very rarely happens, so my little garden has been a bit neglected lately. Still, here's an update.

The biggest news is that I somehow managed to plant a cucumber seedlings in the row of squash and zucchini seedlings. I think it's a cucumber plant, anyway. It's flowering, even! I'm not quite sure how they got mixed together (I thought it was just a weird growing zucchini plant for awhile!), and even more, I'm not quite sure why the cucumber seedling in the pretty crappy clay soil, that likely got it's roots disturbed pretty well when I planted it, is growing WAY faster than the cukes that are in an SWC, where they were direct-seeded.

I'm still going back and forth on what to do with it. I want to leave it alone, because it's doing so well, but it's sitting right in front of my front door, where there's really nowhere to trellis it.

This is the biggest zucchini. Or crookneck squash. One of the two. Apparently I was drunk when I was planting this row, so I won't be placing bets on the veggies that will grow out of these plants! I'll do a much better job labeling things next year.

Tomatoes are still going strong!

Amish Paste

Bonny Best


Lida (Ukranian)

Pink Ponderosa (first appearance on the blog - first fruit on the plant!)

Illini Star (also a first appearance on the blog/first fruit.)

Tamina, still fruiting like gangbusters, but no ripe ones yet.

And this is what happened to the mutant flower that turned into the mutant tomato. I finally took pity on the poor thing and let the little princess yank it.

I put some of my tomato plants that were still waiting on buckets, into the ground. Maybe what I thought was crappy clay soil is actually decent stuff, based on what that cucumber is doing! I think I have about 10 more, but I keep going back and forth on where to put them, so there are a couple out by the street, a couple by the driveway, and a couple on the OTHER side of the driveway, by the slowly-getting-smaller pile o' mulch. It'll be a little experiment, so I'll know where I want to put everything next year.

I also got my Amish Pie Pumpkin seedlings into a hill of mostly composted manure, and they seem to be very, very happy there. Next up are the watermelon seedlings, and the rest of the tomatoes.

It's been hot and humid, but not a lot of rain this past week. This week, every day has a slight chance for rain, so hopefully that'll get some of these guys going!

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