Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Garden Update

Whew - it is HOT outside! It's been pretty toasty all week, and we got up to 90 today. BEFORE Memorial Day. I still haven't plugged in the air conditioning units yet...holding out until it's desperately necessary! (I came REALLY close today.) It's days like these that I wish that I had a fenced in yard. A privacy fenced-in yard. Preferably behind my house, because my across-the-street neighbor is on a hill that's probably 25 feet above my house, so there wouldn't be much privacy in the front. And then I'd need all the trees in the backyard down. Because I'd like to garden in my swimsuit, with the sprinkler going.

A girl down the street lays in her front yard in her swimsuit while her kids play, and she is in a much higher trafficked area than my part of the street. Still, she's laying, not moving around. I can't wait until Memorial Day finally gets here, so the pool at the gym will open up and I can start to even out my farmer (gardener?) tan.

And in unrelated news, I somehow came in contact with poison ivy. I'm not sure if it was from my yard or not, although I did get it last year. I am a part-time mail carrier, and I thought one of the boxes had something that looked poison ivy-ish to me on it the other day. Add the big patches of welts to the massive amount of mosquito bites I ALWAYS get, and I always scratch them until they bleed, and my arms and legs look like I have the bubonic plague. No wonder I don't have a boyfriend. I have been using calamine lotion and hydrocortisone like crazy, but it just feels SO much better when I'm scratching it. I won't be able to get to the doctor until Wednesday at the earliest, but if it's still bad by then, I'm begging for a prescription.

Anyway, the garden has been kicking into high gear, loving this deliciously hot weather. Here are some highlights -

My sugar snaps, on the whole, are pretty anemic looking, but they were kind of an afterthought this year (since the squirrels stole the first round that I planted), and they're in the worthless front bed, just because I wasn't quite sure where to put them, and I wasn't quite sure if I should just let that bed lasagna itself, or attempt to grow something in the lasagna. I think they're anemic looking because it's probably pretty hot in root-land. Still the ones that have survived are flowering and producing. These two pods didn't even make it inside the house.

The zucchini plant is growing like gangbusters. The crookneck squash plants next to it around growing as tall, but they look like they're going to start flowering soon. They only have maybe 4 true leaves, so it seems strange to me that they'd be flowering already. One of the vendors at the farmer's market had baby crookneck squash for sale today, so maybe it's just a result of the weather.

Yes, the yard behind it is a mess. My lawnmower broke this week. And the kids' toys are EVERYWHERE. And the front yard is a work-in-progress that likely won't be finished until next year. Slow and steady...

Now that I have sluggo'd the bean bed, the garden beans and soybeans are coming along nicely. I can't wait to make fresh edamame instead of the frozen stuff!

And in tomato news, we have an explosion of growth.

Amish Paste

Tommy Toes

Lida Ukranian

The unknown with the first fruit. My best guess is that this is another Tamina, because it's got the same potato leaves, and is fruiting at the same time. Seems like I ended up with more Tamina plants than anything else. Hope they taste good!



This was one of those weird blooms that looked like a bunch of flowers fused together. It's now growing a mutant tomato. I know some people just pick these off to allow for the rest of the plant to use the energy to make regular fruit, but it's kind of fun to watch something out of the ordinary.

On the agenda for this week:

Get the rest of the 20ish tomato plants into the ground. (I can't ever seem to catch the bakery when they have buckets, so I'm just going to hope that I can grow these guys in the ground.) I've never been successful with in-ground tomatoes, only container plants. We'll see how it goes.

Transplant the Amish Pie Pumpkin seedlings to their permanent home.

My Jack be Little Seedlings are also up, and they need to move to their permanent home for the season as well. I'm thinking I'm going to trellis those on a cattle panel, since they are small, with luffa on the other side. The cattle panel will wait for another day.

I want to try to get my hands on a rhubarb rhizome somewhere locally, since I know it can't be harvested in it's first year. I figured I'd let it go this year so I can be eating it next year. I also want to get some ollas to try with my in-ground plants, since I've been watering like crazy and my rainwater harvesting system is likely going to have to wait until next year. Our area isn't exactly known for it's variety of gardening stuff, so I think I'll end up doing a scavenger hunt in Atlanta when I head down there in July.

It's supposed to be a relatively dry week, but staying toasty. I brought my worm bin inside, because I'm worried about them getting cooked. They got their first watermelon rind today, and are in worm heaven.

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  1. Your tomatoes are looking great! It's fun to see that mutant tomato, I have those crazy blossoms on lots of my tomatoes, and I've never seen them before. I'm anxious to see what my mutants look like :) It's fun to get a sneak peek with yours! :)