Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tomatoes are Taking Off!

They deserved a whole post to themselves, really. (Plus, it takes me entirely too long to upload the pictures!) Here's the tomato update for the week -

Remember the very first tomato from last week? Here's what she looks like now.

I don't know why I call pepper plants "he" and tomatoes (just the fruit, not the plants) "she", but, well, it's what I do. ;)

The early flowers from the other tomatoes are popping out into fruit as well. And these, I actually know what they are! (Will label better next year. Will label better next year. Will label better next year.)
Lida, from the Ukraine. Received from

Campari (heirloom)

These are Tamina, also received from, on three different plants, in three different containers.

The two biggest plants, thus far, Bonny Best on the left and the unknown with the first fruit on the right, in my Home Depot self-watering containers. (They were made last year, before I learned that I could get buckets for free from the grocery store.)

I'm really, really, really hoping for a first ripe tomato by Memorial Day. Think they'll make it?

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