What I'm Growing This Year

Self-watering containers (buckets and Rubbermaid containers)
Heirloom tomatoes - Campari, Tamina, Lida Ukranian, Bonny Best, Amish Paste, Tommy Toes, Fox Cherry
Cucumbers - Japanese Long
Peppers - Orange Bell
Strawberries (no clue on the type...I bought them last year, and they overwintered in their container.)

In-ground (amended clay)
Soybeans/Edamame (several types from the National Soybean Research Laboratory, and one from a local nursery)
Garden Beans
Crookneck Squash
Snap Peas
Watermelon - Sugar Baby and Ali Baba
Gourds - Luffa and Birdhouse

Raised Beds
Celery, lettuces, and swiss chard (hugelkultur bed experiment 2010)

Containers that don't self-water
Peppers (Jalapeno, Orange Bell, Sweet Banana)

Windowsill Containers
Herbs - Cilantro, Chives, Oregano
Green Onions

this is not an exhaustive list...I'm horrible at record-keeping, and will update once I realize what other types I have growing out there.