Wednesday, May 19, 2010

There's Good News and There's Bad News

Let's do the bad news first, okay?

SIGH. I found some in the bean bed too. Break out the Sluggo.

Now for the good news...

The first round of anemic snap peas, that I was pretty sure that I killed, are not only flowering...

...but I found a couple of pods on them too!

Speaking of flowers, check out my orange bell pepper plant.

And in the new growth report of the day, I FINALLY got some Amish Pie Pumpkin seeds to germinate. I tried them with the paper towel in the baggie method, I tried them in little seedling pots, and I gave it one last shot in the reused grapes container. Since these particular seeds were REALLY hard to find, because of the bad pumpkin season last year, I was going to be really upset if all of my seeds were duds.

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