Saturday, May 15, 2010

Things are going in full swing around here. The weather is still a big ol' mess - freezing to broiling in two days or less - but the plants don't seem to mind much.

Blueberries are filling out. (The one with the beads on it has been decorated by my 4 year old.) They are in 5 gallon buckets right now, but I think next year I'm going to move them to the ground. Anyone know when would be a good time to do that? (After I pick the berries? Sometime in the fall? Before/after winter? Next Spring?)

Remember that green strawberry I showed you last week? Something ate it, and it wasn't a human. I'm kind of depressed. I have the stuff to make a cover, I just didn't get around to putting it up. There are some deep in the container that are ripening, and the birds can't see that they are red. (Or at least, they haven't caught THIS one yet!)

My peppers are also chugging along. Here is the orange looks like it'll be flowering in the next week or two. (Those 90 degree days interspersed with the random cold ones must make for happy peppers?)

...and the sweet banana got moved into his permanent pot for the season. He's just blowing in a little bit of wind. That plastic container in the background is holding some soybean seeds. It originally held cupcakes for a child in my daughter's daycare class. I watched as her teacher started walking it to the trashcan, and then I laid claim on it before it was tossed.

Speaking of reusing plastic containers, here's an old strawberry container, now holding Black Seeded Simpson lettuce. What I find odd is that this lettuce was seeded after the stuff in the clay pots and in the hugelkultur beds, and it's grown like a weed. I thought maybe the hot temperatures were the problem with the lettuce (and the pots and the hugelkultur bed are in a part of the yard that gets dappled shade throughout the day), but that's not the case, I guess. Live and learn. This stuff will get split up and moved to larger containers sometime this week.

The basically worthless hugelkultur beds -

That's celery in the lower right, and romaine lettuce sproutlings that are probably a month old, and haven't gotten any bigger.

I gave up on the second one, and transplanted the swiss chard into it. Hoping it'll be happier there.

Here are the cukes, still snug in their SWC, and growing, slowly but surely.

My second round of snap peas...since the squirrels and/or the birds annihilated my first round. These will be transplanted...somewhere. Haven't quite figured that out yet. It's my understanding that they don't like heat, so I'm debating whether to put them in the part of the yard that doesn't get the lion's share of full sun. Although, when I tried that with the lettuce, well, obviously it's not working.

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